Mills Play

At Mills Media we hold our Ghanaian Culture and traditions in high esteem, this is why we endeavour to promote our rich culture and traditions through our various productions.  Mills Play is a platform which provides Ghanaian themed video games which creates an avenue for our players to learn about our culture and heritage while having  fun. Our games are indigenous, educative, fun, addictive and child friendly. 


Asantewaa- battle for the Golden Stool” is a modern retell of the story of the great Yaa Asantewaa, who exhibited pure bravery when she led the Ashanti rebellion against British Colonialism in 1900. She led her people to fight the British to protect the Golden stool which was and still remains the symbol and pride of the Ashanti Kingdom.

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Adinkra Quest

Adinkra Quest is a match-three puzzle video game designed by Mills Media. The game is designed purposely to help players familiarize themselves with the Adinkra Symbols, as well as their plain and symbolic meanings.                                                                                                                                          

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